30 June 2018

"After my escapades in Egypt, I knew that I wanted to push the bounderies of religion and politics even further. Breaking down the walls that have been build to keep all our wandering souls on this planet somehow under control. With other words, showing my personal religion in a world where freedom is becoming a very luxurious thing. That freedom this time was captured by Mathias Lambrecht on a 3-day road trip through Israël. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, to the Dead Sea and back. I don’t know if this was coincidence or not, but exactly when we arrived the American embassy opened and on the day we were in Jerusalem, Israël was celebrating their 70 year independence-anniversary. While the rest of Jerusalem was celebrating, I was enjoying the afternoon sun on a rooftop after a morning of running around in the desert - capturing our last frames of the trip" (The Wall of Shame)

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