24 June 2016

Paul Simon - "Wristband"

I stepped outside the backstage door to breathe some nicotine
And maybe check my mailbox, see if I can read the screen
Then I heard a click, the stage door lock I knew just what that meant
I'm gonna have to walk around the block if I wanna get it in

Wristband, my man, you've got to have a wristband
If you don't have a wristband, my man, you don't get through the door

I can explain it, I don't know why my heart beats like a fist
When I meet some dude with an attitude saying "hey, you can't do that, or this"
And the man was large, a well-dressed six-foot-eight
And he's acting like Saint Peter standing guard at the pearly...


And I said "Wristband? I don't need a wristband
My axe is on the bandstand, my band is on the floor"


The riots started slowly with the homeless and the lowly
Then they spread into the heartland towns that never get a wristband
Kids that can't afford the cool brand whose anger is a short-hand
For you'll never get a wristband and if you don't have a wristband then you can't get through the door

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