21 July 2015

"Really, it’s time to shut down the GOP: a deeply unserious party, hijacked by lunatics and Fox News, is driving us all into a ditch. 'News' without truth. A base that celebrates a clown. Tear the party down and start over - for the country's sake

Republicans are finally noticing that Donald Trump is a political liability. In the wake of Trump’s attack on John McCain, GOP candidates found the courage to condemn his revolting shtick — a little late, of course, but good for them. The problem, though, is that they don’t quite understand that Trump isn’t an anomaly; he’s the latest product of a party that long ago abandoned any pretense of seriousness. (...) The GOP, in many respects, is no longer a legitimate governing party. They’ve become a self-perpetuating hype machine, a jobs program for conservative political entrepreneurs. When running for office, Republicans are forced to say and do stupid things in order appease their disconnected base, whose worldview is shaped almost exclusively by conservative media. When elected, Republicans continue to say and do stupid things – and for the same reasons. This is what they’ve become. Trump didn’t emerge wondrously out of a whirlwind; he’s an authentic expression of the contemporary Republican Party" (daqui)


Anonymous said...

É um bocado como a SIC-N cá no burgo.
Uma espécie de 5ª divisão ao serviço dos esquerdolas e dos Abrilistas mais afoitos sedentos pela 'ditadura do proletariado'.
Olha a regie, camarada!

João Lisboa said...

E a RTP e a TVI? Parecem o departamento central de propaganda da China maoísta!!! Uma pouca vergonha. O que era preciso era um António Ferro (ou três) em cada redacção.

Anonymous said...

Aprovado camaradas!