20 June 2009


(do DVD, Momus: Man Of Letters)

For the sensation of orgasm
Civilisations must rise and fall
For the sensations of orgasm
We build the society of spectacle

Oh these are beautiful powers
And these are beautiful human rights
And we have beautiful lawyers
Freedom is keeping us up all night

For the sensation of orgasm
Cultures accumulate energy
And for the pleasure of citizens
Allow the transgressions of chemistry

Oh these are beautiful powers
And we are dutiful citizens
And we elect by desire
Yes we elect only pretty things

Famous performers who win applause
From the anonymous everywhere
Show us that life is just metaphors
Sex is the air and the atmosphere

Oh you're such beautiful movers
And your performance was fabulous
You think because you are lovers
You were the ones who invented this

Each day I build a great tower
Where they speak thousands of languages
Oh these are beautiful flowers
And these are fabulous sandwiches

All the sensations of orgasm
Here in the congress of intercourse
These are the rights of the citizen
You may shout 'til your voice is hoarse

Oh these are beautiful colours
And this is lovely arithmetic
This system's been designed for us
It's such a pity it makes us sick

All the sensations of orgasm
Empower me afresh with a rush release
All the sensations of orgasm
Patrolling the borders with love police

Oh these are beautiful powers
And this is lovely arithmetic



Táxi Pluvioso said...

Sensação de orgasmo tive agora ao passar pelo blog da candidata da Lapa. Ela apoia o apoio ao Durão, pleonástica, sim senhor, para firmar os pontos de vista. E adora o presidente Báráque como todas as pessoas modernas, muito bem.

Karen Dalton.


Anonymous said...

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