06 March 2017

"Cohen was a poet of extraordinary elegance and class, one of the rare realist-romantics, a genre from which I have drawn a (so far) short life and career’s worth of inspiration. His lyrical world is so vivid, melancholy, solitary but not, crucially, isolated. Modern story telling, grown up romantic turmoil. In my mind he was always in his late thirties, always wearing a suit, always looking on gently to the world wondering how to move through it, always pondering his last love affair, always making space in his heart for the next" (Laura Marling)


Anonymous said...

Para além do excelente novo álbum (do que se vai ouvindo na net), a nossa Marling, que era um pouco arrapazada, está cheia de saúde, como se comprova pela foto.

João Lisboa said...

Bons genes.