02 January 2017

"Two hundred thousand women are expected to assemble in front of the Capitol, on January 21st, the day after the Inauguration, for the Women’s March on Washington. Born of one woman’s invitation to forty friends, the event is meant as a rejoinder to the fact that a candidate with a troubling history regarding women’s rights — one who actually bragged about committing sexual assault — has made it to the White House. (...) The first Inauguration of George W. Bush, in 2001, saw mass protests driven by the sentiment that the election had been stolen. The protests that greet Trump will, in all probability, exceed them: some twenty other groups have also applied for march permits. Given his history with African-Americans, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants, unionized labor, environmentalists, and people with disabilities, it is not hard to imagine that there will be many more to come. The Congress is unlikely to check the new President, but democracy may thrive in the states, the courts, the next elections, and, lest the lessons of the sixties be forgotten, the streets" (aqui)


t. said...

Nada a ver mas, caso ainda não tenha tropeçado nisto...


(faz-se de conta que é um álbum novo e coloca-se desde já o imberbe ano num nível superior)

João Lisboa said...

Boa (re)descoberta. A investigar.