26 April 2016

The McLaren Westwood Gang 
(aka Anarchy! The Last Revolution)

"Phil Strongman’s new documentary Anarchy! McLaren Westwood Gang is a politically-fueled, fashion-conscious deeper look at how the English punk explosion was ignited — how the bomb was built and under what circumstances, in other words. Coming in at almost two and a half hours with an incredible cast of characters, Anarchy! McLaren Westwood Gang traces Malcolm McClaren back to his birth with loads of never before seen films and photos, personal information and interviews with family members, friends and others, taking us into the all important mid-sixties where the real nucleus of the Sex Pistols concept begins to form within the Situationist movement, King Mob (the UK equivalent), art school and observing the tribal customs and costumes of rock ‘n roll fanaticism (...)" (aqui)

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