11 April 2016

Palmyra must not be fixed.
History would never forgive us

"Palmyra was in ruins before Isis occupied it and it is still in ruins today. That is the nature of ancient cities. Mycenae, Machu Picchu, the Roman Forum – none are complete, none pristine. Their atmosphere and poetry lie in their scarring by time, nature and history. (...) The Isis attack on Palmyra was not a counterfactual fantasy. It really occurred. This 21st-century tragedy is part of Palmyra’s history now. This too, for the sake of truth and as a warning to the future, must be preserved" (daqui)

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alexandra g. said...

Concordo absolutamente com esta posição de não resconstrução, de preservação da ruína pelas inúmeras interrogações que todas as ruínas levantam (esta é, na aparência, mais trágica, pela proximidade no tempo).