23 January 2016

"The theme of this year’s gathering of business leaders and policymakers in Davos is the introduction of new technology. The WEF organisers have already predicted that 7 million jobs could go in five years, with women losing out the most. (...) Many labour-­intensive firms should be able to boost profit margins as they substitute costly workers for cheaper robots or intelligent software. (...) Workers already displaced by automation, such as those on assembly lines, could also feel the impact of the latest technology, as robots which are able to move around – so-called cobots – are able to perform more intricate tasks. 'The greatest disruption, however, could be experienced by workers who have so far felt immune to robotic competition, namely those in middle­-skill professions', the report says. It points to clerical work, such as customer service, being replaced by artificial intelligence. Insurance claims could also be settled without human intervention" (aqui - sequência daqui)

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Táxi Pluvioso said...

Pois é, até os blogs serão escritos por robots (ainda mais). bfds