07 October 2015

Love Letters From Craig  
(Stripteasy/Sleazy Listening)

"Love Letters from Craig, a piece by Cartelle Interactive Arts, opens this lurid and unsettling world of virtual sweet nothing to 18+ viewers who dare to enter the site past it's early 2000-style entry page. Inside Love Letter from Craig is a synthesized voice rendering of random Craiglist casual encounters, to the backdrop of various cascading objects such as: a severed breast, lipstick, bananas, and pills. The voice — a sultry combination of that robot from I, Robot and whoever voices Tom Tom GPS navigation systems — captures even the dirtiest and thirstiest ads with a sense of dignity. At the very least, I know I'll never hear the words 'creamy load' and 'dominant man cock' delivered with such restraint" (aqui; + aqui)

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