21 September 2014

Os 269 nomes

Lord Byron Of Rock ‘n’ Roll1, Bard Of The Boudoir, Ladies’ Man, Grandson Of The Prince Of Grammarians, Master Of Erotic Despair, Master Of Romantic Despair, High Priest Of Pathos, Poet Laureate Of Pessimism, Grocer Of Despair, Prophet Of Despair, Poet Laureate Of Commitophobes, Bard Of Bedsits, Dr. Kevorkian Of Song, Beautiful Creep, Godfather Of Gloom, Godfather Of Doom ‘N’ Gloom, Prince Of Bummers, Troubadour Of Travail, Laughing Len, Laughing Lennie, Captain Mandrax, Poet Of Rock and Roll, Master of the Egg Salad Sandwich, Poet of the Holy Sinners, King Of Dirge, Poet Of Existential Despair, Jikan/Jikan The Useless Monk/Silent One, Poet Of Bedsit Angst, Poet Laureate Of Misery, Gloom Merchant, Bourgeois Individualist Poet, Bard Of Love And Loss, Grand Master of Melancholia, King Of Misery, Poet Laureate Of Our Dreams, Durable Hipster, Legendary Ladies Man, Existential Comedian, Spin Doctor For The Apocalypse, Grizzled Prophet, Damaged Priest, Hippie Icon, Apocalyptic Lounge Lizard, Jeremiah Of Tin Pan Alley, Amiable Gangster, Poetic Playboy, Emotional Imperialist, Restless Pilgrim, 

Patron Saint Of Angst, Smiling Dada Of Despair, Montreal Mensch, Prince Of Pain, Bard Of Mount Baldy, Our National Muse, Maestro Of The Monotone, Crown Prince of Pain, Our Man, Godfather Of Great Singers Who Can’t Sing, Joking Troubadour of Gloom/Troubadour of Gloom, Master Of Sexy Melancholy, High Priest Of Solitude, Master Of Word And Song, Bard On A Wire, Canadian Bard, Canada’s Melancholy Bard, Canadian Bard Of The Holy And Profane, King Of Melancholy, Disappearing Mr. Mysterioso, Master Of Misery, Maestro Of Melancholy, Maestro Of Magnificent Melancholy, Poet Of Love, Patron Saint Of Disappointment, King Of Hearts, Godfather Of Goth, Ageless Troubadour Of Montreal, Prince Of Precision, Patron Saint Of Bedsit Depressives, Poet Of Pleasure And Pain, Apostle Of Melancholy, Bard Of Our Great Depression, Godfather Of Miserablism, Bard Of Montreal, Canada’s High Priest Of Poetry, Coolest White Man On The Planet, Melancholy Bard Of Popular Music/Canada’s Melancholy Bard Of Popular Music, Canada’s Literary Enfant Terrible, High Priest Of Lyrical Minimalism, Poet Of Swinging Suicides, Master Of Duende, Bleak Baritone, Canada’s Poet Laureate Of Existential Despair, Troubadour Of Love, Cat In The Hat, Prince Of Anguish, King Of Cool, Beat Apocalyptic Prophet, Mel Torme of the Terminally Downbeat, Prince of Prurience And Loss, International Man, 

Culture Man, Architect Of Angst, Poet Laureate Of The Lonely-Hearted, Prince Of Pessimism, Felonious Monk, Poet Of Anguish, God In The Black Suit, Godfather Of Misery, World’s Only Interesting Canadian, Musical Bard Of Canada, Existential Serenader, Arch Bard Of Miserabilism, Poet Of The Heart, Poet Of Romantic Doom/Croaky Poet Of Romantic Doom, God’s Dearest Sunbeam, Master Of Prose, Visceral Romantic, Renaissance Mensch, Poet Of Loneliness, Maestro Of Timing, Patron Saint Of Envy, Prophet Of The Heart, King Of The Alta-Cockers, Poet Laureate Of The Self-Obsessed, Maestro Of Moving On, Cohen The Miserablist, Patron Saint Of Miss Dale’s Farm, Partisan Der Liebe (Partisan Of Love), Montreal Mope, White Barry White, Troubadour Of Melancholy, Patron Saint Of Young People Living In Cities, Waiting For Something To Happen, Titan Der Worte (Titan Of The Words), Dark Poet, Don Of Depression, Prophet Of Love, Brother Of Mercy, Solitary Cliff, Cliff, Post Henry And June Evangelical Pimp Of All Centuries, Love’s Hard Man, High Priest Of Passion And Pain, Roving Poet Laureate Of Rock’n’roll, Poetul De La Microfon/Poet Of The Microphone, Godfather Of Cool, Young Prince Of Montreal, Poet Prince Of Montreal, Badass Of Dark Verse, Maestro Of Murky Mirth, Canada’s Troubadour of Song & Verse, Melancholy Troubadour, Anarchist Without A Bomb, Somnambulist Without An Alarm Clock, Chief Apocalyptist, Melancholy Hero, Legendary Grouchy Bard From Montreal, Legendary Bard From Montreal, Late-Romantic Existentialist,

Saint Porn, Godfather of Hipsterism, Bard Of Exaggerated Emotion, Cohen The Sensualist, Poet Laureate Of Despair, Leonard The Versifier, Godfather Of Depressive Rock, F. Scott Fitzgerald Of Popular Song, Pop Music’s Perpetual Old Man, King Of Sorrow, Laureate Of Creative Agony, Grinning Reaper, World Heavyweight Champion Of Existential Despair, Singular Voice Of Terminal Melancholia, Mel Brooks Of Misery, Maestro Of Munificent Magnanimity, One Man Joy Division, Unbeautiful Winner, Virgin-Pilgrim War Hero, Canadian Bob Dylan, Baritone-Voiced Scholar Of Heartache And Cultural Decay, Poet Laureate Of Outrage And Romantic Despair, Patron Saint Of Suicides, Mr. Misery, Aficionado Of Gloom, Grand Master Of Bedroom Angst, Black-Clad Troubadour Of The Minor Key, King Of Popular Music/Undisputed King Of Popular Music, Master Of Mortification, Sentry Of Solitude, Grand Overlord of Melancholy, Old King Cohen, Sage From Mt Baldy, Bard Of The Depressed, Maestro Of The Downbeat, Prophet Of Dark-Alley Dreams, Hallelujah Hitmaker, Holy (Wholly) Existential Sensualist, Irreverent Master of Prayer, Lazy Bastard Living In A Suit, Elegant Aesthete, Kafka Of The Blues, Gentleman Zen, Black Romanticist, Baleful Buddhist, Poet of Rock Music, The Man With The Hat, High Priest Of Minimalism, Seer Of Montreal, Patron Saint Of Life’s Beautiful Losers, Papou, Elder Statesman Of Showmanship, Bard of Harlequin, Godfather Of Blissful Doom, Master Of Romantic Angst, 

Ghost Of ’60s Past, Warrior Of Love, Master of Delicate Sadness, Tortoise-Shell Hero & Tortoise, Byronic Bullfrog, Doyen De Ces Papys Du Rock [Dean Of The Granddads Of Rock], Melancholiker Der Alten Schule [Old School Melancholic], Patron Saint Of Canada, Poet Of Human Darkness, Hipsters’ Idol, Naked Saint, Professor Of Cool, Buster Keaton Of Despair, Poet Of Romantic Despair, Harbinger Of The Heart, Poet Laureate Of Popular Music, Bard Of Liquid Soul, High Priest Of Lyrical Beauty, Prophet Of Our Times, Poet Laureate Of Jewish Theology, Jewish Dean Martin, Zen Master Of Song, Maestro Of Misery, Canada’s Numero Uno Agent Of Anguish/Agent Of Anguish, Poet Laureate Of The Blackened Heart, Crooner Des Crooners, Le Croonerissime [Crooner Of Crooners, The Ultimate Crooner], Troubadour Trickster, Grim Grocer Of Grief, Poet Laureate Of Songsters, Dalai Cohen, Poet Laureate Of Dry Wit And Tattered Romance, Elder Statesman Of Angst, Poet Laureate Of Pain, Edith Piaf With Chest Hair, Irreverent Master Of Prayer, Poet Laureate Of Melancholia, Patron Saint Of All Things Soulful And Romantic, Montreal’s Patron Saint Of Songwriting, Stimme der Endzeit, Stimme der Lieb [Voice Of The End Times, Voice Of Love], Poet Laureate Of Wine, Women And Song, Great Bard Of Late-Night Melancholy, Canada´s Dark Bohemian Wise Baritone, Thinking Man’s Godfather Of The Boudoir, Ascetic Prophet Of Acoustic Disaffectedness, America’s Musical Prophet Of The Apocalypse, Pop’s Patron Saint Of Those Who Consider Themselves Sensitive Searchers, King Of Seduction, King Of Pop, Lichtbringer [Lightbringer], Rock Star Monk, Our Poet Of The Apocalypse, Poet Laureate of Songwriters, Coolest Octogenarian In Music, Desolation Angel, High Priest Of Suicide Rock, Canada’s Poet-Singer Of The Lovable And The Livable, Rockens Yoda [Rock Yoda] (aqui)


alexandra g. said...

O d'"aqui" é tipo Capitão Haddock.
Gostamos todos dele, nada a acrescentar.

Por enquanto e quanto a ambos :)

João Lisboa said...