08 August 2013


"To put it very briefly, the main problem today is not only the exploitation of labor (even if it exists, and more than before), but the fact that increasingly large strata of the population have been made 'superfluous' by a production which dispenses with human labor. It is ridiculous to imagine providing 'work' for all those made 'superfluous'. Rather, it is necessary to begin to imagine a society that does not use its productive potential to satisfy the quest for a ghostly and fetishized 'commodity value', but which uses this potential to meet human needs. 

The crisis of capitalism is also the crisis of its traditional adversaries. With the gradual end of labor, and therefore of value and of money 'value' that results, all the oppositions that refer to or want to make better use of those categories lose their relevance. It is the same for those who want to conquer state power to transform it into a lever for emancipatory transformation". (Change Horses, Anselm Jappe)

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