21 August 2012

Outro videoclip para "Putin Lights Up The Fires"

This state may be stronger than time in jail. 
The more arrests, the happier it is. 
Every arrest is carried out with love for the sexist 
Who botoxed his cheeks and pumped his chest and abs. 

But you can't nail us in the coffin. 
Throw off the yoke of former KGB! 
Putin is lighting the fires of revolution 
He's bored and scared of sharing silence with the people 
With every execution: the stench of rotten ash 
With every long sentence: a wet dream 

The country is going, the country is going into the streets boldly 
The country is going, the country is going to bid farewell to the regime 
The country is going, the country is going, like a feminist wedge 
And Putin is going, Putin is going to say goodbye like a sheep 

Arrest the whole city for May 6th 
Seven years isn't enough, give us 18! 
Forbid us to scream, walk and curse! 
Go and marry Father Lukashenko

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