16 August 2012

"Fuck postmodernism! Give me modernism. Modernism says the world has to be changed and we're going to draw a picture of what it ought to look like. And then you've got Malevich, you've got Cubism, you've got Magritte... this is the way the world really looks, and what are you going to do now? That was what you could hear in the Sex Pistols and in so many other groups, whether it was X-Ray Spex, or Lora Logic, or Gang of Four, or the Raincoats. Or the Clash in moments. In 'Complete Control', God knows. I heard that right away: this was something completely different. This was a critique of life, and the demands in this music were absolute. It was never going to be satisfied with anything. Music just happened to be the medium. And it was a better medium. The avant-garde of the 20th century had finally found its true voice. I think I wrote that punk produced better art than all the avant-garde movements before it. And I meant that. That wasn't a provocative statement. These were singular works of art and they were coming in a torrent. For a time, anybody could stumble upon a true statement and make it. It didn't matter where they came from or who they were". (aqui)

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