15 November 2011


"In the Western world, a woman posting nude photos of herself online is par for the course. In Egypt, where women’s bodies are a political issue, it’s a revolutionary act. Last month, 20-year-old Egyptian Aliaa Elmahdy made waves across the social Web by posting nude photos of herself on her blog, which, obviously, is not safe for work.

The post—the only entry on the blog—includes several other photos of nude subjects. Elmahdy, who said she posts under her real name and took the photos in her parents’ house, concluded the post with three censored nude photos of herself.

'The yellow rectangles on my eyes, mouth and sex organ resemble the censoring of our knowledge, expression and sexuality', wrote Elmahdy, her Arabic words translated by Egyptian news source Almasry Alyoum.

There are 200 comments and counting". (aqui)



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