23 January 2010


"Oh, Facebook. You cyberland of rampant narcissism and wasted time. What started out as a social networking site for college kids has somehow turned into a cesspool of self-absorbed way-too-old-to-be-fucking-around-on-Facebook adults who think that the rest of us actually give a shit about what they're drinking, eating, thinking, reading, watching, and/or are listening to every five minutes. They post their top 5 records, movies and TV shows. They post "25 Random Things About Me" lists. And they tell us constantly what they're "fans of." One person is a fan of "grilled cheese." I kid you not. What have we come to when grilled cheese has its own Facebook page? Someone clearly has way too much time on their hands" (aqui)

"Twitter has become a playground for imbeciles, skeevy marketers, D-list celebrity half-wits, and pathetic attention seekers. (...) Then again, look at TV: fat people dancing, talentless people singing, Glenn Beck slinging lunatic conspiracy theories. Stupid stuff sells. The genius of Twitter is that it manages to be even stupider than TV" (aqui)

edit: e, depois, a porteirice online dá nisto.



soso said...


RL said...

Como a onda Brian Eno ainda varre, ao fundo, esta página do blog, adiante-se que Fiber Eno é também um tipo ('font'). Já Brian Font é um tipo do Facebook a precisar de amigos.

Pretexto para uns excertenozinhos - musicais, mas não só - acabados de descobrir, aqui e aqui.

E, já agora - estilo diferente q.b. -, sei de muito boa gente que ficará contente com isto. Eu fiquei.

Anonymous said...
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margarete said...

Calha bem ter consulta de OFT n 3 feira, ultimamente custa-me imenso ler estas letras brancas sobre este preto :(

João Lisboa said...


João Lisboa said...

"custa-me imenso ler estas letras brancas sobre este preto"

A mim, o que me cansa ojolhos é ler sobre fundo branco. Não em livros, claro, no monitor.